Jim Jacobs - The Legend of Handball
: Narrated by Art Linkletter and Stuffy Singer, this archival collection shows the legendary Jim Jacobs' development on the handball court, from a precocious 13-year old to his marathon matches with Hershkowitz, Obert, and Haber ... also included as an added bonus is footage that comprises an instructional "HOW TO WITH JIM JACOBS." Jim and Stuffy Singer work through key handball form and stratagey in this 15 minute sequence.

Hall of Fame Handball Champions: Narrated by Art Linkletter and Ed O'Neil, this DVD captures some of the most historically thrilling moments of handball, including footage of legendary players from Walter Piekan to Naty Alvarado , including Hershkowitz, Coyle, Gus Lewis, Brady, Schneider, Jacobs, Sandler, Kirby, Collins, Russo, Plekan, Freddie Lewis, Singer!. A must have for all aficionados of handball history.

Hall of Fame Handball Champions: Also available on VHS.